After being showed the correct way to the world from the ‘Candy Man’, you head along your way to the Candy Factory and you meet a cartoonish Train character that breaks down right in front of you because he is out of candy as the top conveyor belt seems to stop moving.

So what do you need to do ? You need to re-activate the conveyor and fix this Train character in order for him to transport you to the next level after you fix him. To do this, you will have to help crushing candy for the next 10 levels ( Level 11 – 20 ) which is a combination of Jelly and Ingredient levels except for Level 20 which will be your first Time Level Mode game. Also, your Level 11 will be your first Ingredient level mode play. After, you complete these levels the cartoonish Train character thanks you for starting him up and offers to return the favor by bring into the Lemonade Lake which is the start of Episode 3




We summarize these levels as below :

Level 11 –  Target Score 1000 Points and to clear 1 Ingredient ( Onion ) in 50 Moves. Challenge : This is first Ingredient mode level that you will play. All you have to do if bring this Ingredient into the Game Board by matching candies and then bring it to the bottomr of the Game Board. Simple ?

Level 12 –  Target Score of 40K Points and to clear 4 Ingredients ( 3 Onion, 1 Cherry ) in 35 Moves. Challenge :The Game Board from the top has only 4 vertical columns and the increases to 6 and then 8 vertical columns as you make your way to the bottom of the map. Watch for getting ingredients stuck in the sides.

Level 13 – Target Score 23k Points and to clear 23 Jellies with 21 Moves. Challenge : Game Board with some 4 empty spaces in the center and Jellies placed diagonally around those 4 spaces. Try and clear those Jellies in difficult place first.

Level 14 - Target Score 45K Points and to clear 45 Jellies with 40 Moves. Challenge : Game Board resembles a ‘H’ alphabet and there are a lot of Jellies to clear in relation to the moves you have so you should look out to making good combinations.

Level 15 – Target Score of 70k Points and to clear 7 Ingredients ( 7 Onions ) with 16 Moves. Challenge : Game board is an 5×5 Grid enlarged horizontally. As there are only 5 rows vertically, this makes Ingredients dropping down slower which is made harder with only 16 Moves. Make use of Special Candies  

Level 16 – Target Score of 75K Points and to clear 72 Jellies with 30 Moves.  Challenge : Game board is split into two as the middle vertical row is taken away. This reduces the number of matches on the edges of both sides near the center. 72 Jellies is practically the whole board!

Level 17 - Target Score of 40K Points and to clear 4 Ingredients ( 4 Cherries ) with 19 Moves. Challenge :The Game board from the top diverges and narrrows down to only 3 vertical rows making it hard to make candy matches closer to the bottom of the board.

Level 18 - Target Score of 40K Points and to clear 20 Jellies with 16 Moves. Challenge : Game board with a ‘Cross’ shape taken out from the center.

Level 19 - Target Score of 75K Points and to clear 43 Jellies with 35 Moves. Challenge : Another ‘H’ alphabet Game Board with lots of Jellies. Watch out for those Jellies in the corner and take priority to clear these first.

Level 20 - Target Score of 15K Points in 60 Seconds. This is your first Time level where all you have to do is achieve the target score in the time given.