Special Candies

Color Bomb with Jelly Fish


What would you do if you find a Color Bomb appearing next to your Jelly Fish ? Well if you do not know what happens then do read on  (covered below ). Sadly, to us this was one of the more disappointing Special Candies combinations especially taking into account how powerful a Color Bomb is alone More >


Wrapped Candy With Jelly Fish


So are we ready for more Jelly Fish combinations ? As we mentioned although Jelly Fish is not cost effective, we are covering these combinations in the event if you do choose that you want to use them and wanted to know how these turn out. 

Now, moving on to Wrapped Candy and Jelly Fish More >


Striped Candy with Jelly Fish


We now move on the next Section covering Jelly Fish combinations starting with Striped Candy with Jelly Fish. Jelly Fish candy can appear in various colors and usually appears only at the end of each completed level and these little Jelly Fishes come out to grant you some bonuses during Candy More >

Double Color Bombs


If by now you don’t know what Color Bombs are, you may refer to our previous sections in the Candy Crush Online Guide and also in our Special Candies section here. For us, a Color Bomb always puts a smile on our faces for knowing what we can potentially do with one. So what should you do when you More >

Striped Candy with Color Bomb


This is a even more rare combination, but one of the more effective combinations out there. This is our personal favorites as this is one of the most reliable combinations that can clear a considerable part of the Game Board and we like to think of this as our ‘joker card’. Again it is rare indeed More >

Striped Candy with Wrapped Candy


Special Candy combinations are usually rare and most of the time, we do them unknowingly or unintentionally. Instead of playing Candy Crush purely based on luck by matching Candies with the hope for the best possible outcome, we take a different approach to first understand what are all these More >

Double Striped Candies


Special Candy Combinations

We have covered Special Candies in the previous Section. Now, here we will talk about the when matching two Special Candies together what are their amplified effects. It is not very common to get Special Candies adjacent to one another so at times some planning is More >

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