If by now you don’t know what Color Bombs are, you may refer to our previous sections in the Candy Crush Online Guide and also in our Special Candies section here. For us, a Color Bomb always puts a smile on our faces for knowing what we can potentially do with one. So what should you do when you find 2 Color Bombs adjacent to one another ? Should you do other create other combinations with other Special Candies which you may do twice now since there are 2 Color Bombs, or should you combined these 2 Color Bombs together ? These are all very important questions we ask ourselves at minding that the Game Board is different every time we play.

We earlier covered what Color Bombs do with other Special Candies. Now, lets find out what happens with you combine 2 Color Bombs together.


Effect : It clears the entire Game Board with the color Bomb electrifying all the candies on the Game Board which only happens ONCE. If you notice when you combine a Color Bomb with a Striped Candy, you will normally see columns and rows being cleared from the activation of the Striped Candies, depend how many they are and potentially you can have more combinations from fresh candies that drop randomly. Now, with these 2 Color Bombs, the entire Game Board only clears ONCE meaning if you have 2 layer Jellies, Stone Walls, etc these might not all clear with just a double Color Bomb combination 


Usefulness : Depending on the Game Board and situations, this double Color Bomb combination might be useful and also better than separately combining these Color Bombs to other Special Candies. This would definitely be handy especially in Ingredient level gameplay for example whereby you all your Ingredients are already on the Game Board. Also, there are plenty of levels with hard to reach spots or even many special corners that make it hard to normally mass clear with other combinations. This combination does well here.

One might ask what are really the odds of getting 2 Color Bombs right next to each other ? It is really rare and thats more the reason you need to understand how and what all these combinations can potentially do. Like we mentioned earlier, if you have the Charm of Stripes with you, Color Bombs will always open up more combinations to make you complete your level. 


As seen above, 2 layer Jellies in the example was not cleared as the Game Board is only cleared once. Note that the Jellies above are also in awkward positions which might make it hard to clear with the remaining Moves you have left. I’m sure most of us have been in these ‘so close yet so far’ situations especially after using 2 Color Bombs. We did manage anyhow :)