Special Candy Combinations


We have covered Special Candies in the previous Section. Now, here we will talk about the when matching two Special Candies together what are their amplified effects. It is not very common to get Special Candies adjacent to one another so at times some planning is required on your Game Board. In order for this to happen, at many times you may take a risk in delaying the use of your Special Candy and attempt to place another next to it. Be mindful that due to various modes of gameplay for .e.g.  whereby Candies move through the bottom at a Game Board at a high speed, chocolate growth that can definitely ‘eat those up’ your Candy or even accidentally creating matches that clears up the board.


1) Striped Candy + Striped Candy Combination

Striped Candy is one of the most common Special Candies, so this combination is one of the easiest to perform. For those that are still new, a Striped Candy normally clears the row where its white stripes face i.e. if its horizontal then it will clear the entire horizontal row when match with 2 other candies of the same color and likewise if its vertical.

Effect:  By matching 2 Striped Candies together ( any color ), this activates the Striped Candies both at the same time. If they are in same direction, one will randomly be switched.


As shown in the example, when the orange Striped Candy ( horizontal ) is matched with a green Striped Candy ( horizontal ), one automatically gets converted. So the random factor is whether the 2nd last row or the 3rd last row horizontally gets to be cleared.



Usefulness : To activate a normal Special Candy, you will have to match them with 2 more Candies of the same color which will take 1 Move. With this, you can activate both Special Candies without any other matching required and you clear both horizontal and vertical rows with one Move.

These are very useful in maps whereby you have a lot of blocks / chocolate / stones and even some Game boards with split screens as these will clear up those rows for you. Be mindful too that in those game modes with split screens, it can also work against you might mess up your Candies that are waiting to be matched.

Make sure that you don’t have any Special Candies in the way when you activate this combination as it will be cleared and may treated as a normal Candy. The reason why we say that the Striped Candy clears almost all Candies throwing them away including Special Candies except for the Wrapped Candy. Instead, it automatically activates this it you will get an addition explosion from the Wrapped Candy around the area of the Game Board. Neat ?