This is a even more rare combination, but one of the more effective combinations out there. This is our personal favorites as this is one of the most reliable combinations that can clear a considerable part of the Game Board and we like to think of this as our ‘joker card’. Again it is rare indeed to be able to create a Color Bomb ( which is made out of 5 of Candies of the same type in a row ) and to pair it with a Striped Candy. On more on how to create a Color Bomb, please refer to the diagram under ‘Special Candies’.



So what really is a Color Bomb and what does it do ? A Color Bomb is a Chocolate Ball like Candy that destroys all Candies of the color you choose to match it with, and this comes in pretty handy especially when you have hard to reach places like if you have candies stuck or trapped in corners, etc.

Whats interesting is when you match a Color Bomb with a Striped Candy.. So what happens ? All the Candies of the same color as the Striped Candy with automatically changed into a Striped Candy and will activated 1 by 1 until all Striped Candies has been cleared. Now, the direction of which the Striped Candy will form and take is pretty much random so it can be either horizontal or vertical stripes.



Usefulness : Why we call this our ‘Joker Card’ is as long as you have the Charm of Stripes, whenever you create a Color Bomb in any level, you may start painting the candy color of your choosing right next to you to a Striped Candy and you can activate this combination. You will be surprised once you know how to use this effectively, you will notice breezing through a lot of levels especially when you use it during the right time. Sometimes, the right time can be early in the game to create more openings on your Game Board or sometimes when you need this to ‘finish up’ the board just before you run out of moves.

This is also very effective for clearing Jellies, Stone Walls and other obstacles that this game has to offer.  



Even if you don’t have the Charm of Stripes, all you need is a little planning on your Game board to line up your Striped Candy right next to your Color Bomb. We know this can be hard at times, but you be surprised how easy this can be for some particular levels !

A thing to note while trying to line up special candies, look out for other candy matches that cause you accidentally ‘clear’ your Color Bomb. If you accidentally activate a Striped Candy on the same column on the other side of the Game board, the game will treat everything in its path as a normal Candy so watch out here !