We now move on the next Section covering Jelly Fish combinations starting with Striped Candy with Jelly Fish. Jelly Fish candy can appear in various colors and usually appears only at the end of each completed level and these little Jelly Fishes come out to grant you some bonuses during Candy Crush.

The only other way you can get these Jelly Fish candy is by purchasing them through Boosters available at the Yeti Shop which is at the beginning of the Level, just before the start of the game. Now, you will be asking are these Jelly Fish candies really worth anything ? Well alone by themselves just to use them to match up with other candies would be a pure waste. However, with special candy combinations we beg to differ as these can be quite somethin’ and you’ll find out soon enough.

So what happens with you combine a Striped Candy with a Jelly Fish ? 


Effect : You see this Jelly Fish swimming from right and then appearing again on the left screen but this time with 3 other Jelly Fish candies. These 3 Jelly Fish will randomly touch 3 random candies on the Game Board and convert them into Striped Candies and these were automatically be activated. What this means in short is that when the Jelly Fish candy once combines gives you 3 random Striped Candy on the map in exchange and activates them immediately.


Usefulness : Depending on the Game Board and situations, the Jelly Fish play is a gamble as you might not always know for sure what to expect and what end result you will receive. Why this is because you not know where these 3 random Jelly Fish will land and convert which candies to Striped Candy nor do you know what color or direction. Then again, for Jelly fish special combinations that we have seen, this is more of better ones and one of the easier ones to executed if we were to compare with Wrapped Candy or Color Bombs.

The fact is if by any chance you invest in the Charm of Stripes that allows you convert any candy into a striped Candy once every time in a game, this might be another alternative that you can consider instead of the Striped Candy Color Bomb combination. Although the latter is our personal favorite, it is not every time you will land yourself with a Color Bomb hence no harm making other combinations when different situations present themselves.


In another way, as long as you have the Charm of Stripes you are 100% certain that you will have the option to make a Striped Candy Jelly Fish combination should you choose to buy Jelly Fish boosters from the Yeti Shop. This is guarantee, not a probability ! This why we thought this important to cover..