Special Candy combinations are usually rare and most of the time, we do them unknowingly or unintentionally. Instead of playing Candy Crush purely based on luck by matching Candies with the hope for the best possible outcome, we take a different approach to first understand what are all these Special Candy Combinations and thereafter how you should plan for them.


2) Striped Candy with Wrapped Candy

Now, back to the Striped Candy with Wrapped Candy combination. This is more uncommon combination compared to the Double Striped Candies due to difficulty in getting a Wrapped Candy and more so being able to place one right next to a Striped Candy. How often and likely you are able to create Special Candies remain at large on what level and game mode you are playing. At same levels / stages the drop rate of Special Candies are increased by a large percentage for e.g. you tend to realize this in Time Level Modes. You might also notice that most of the time, you don’t intentionally aim to create a Wrapped Candy due its formation and likehood that you can do other combinations for matching instead of this.

For those of you that do not know what a Wrapped Candy is, it resembles a Candy in a Sweet Wrapper and what it does it s a large explosion 3 x 3 around the area of the Wrapped Candy. Why is this good / useful ? Not so much for clearing normal candy but very effective clearing Jellies, Stone Walls and other weird obstacles as these take a while to break down or even to get a match nearby.



So what happens when you combined a Striped Candy with a Wrapped Candy ? Your get an enlarged Striped Candy that immediately clears a 3 x 3 area and then clears 3 columns for you after that. Now, we have also asked by direction of which the 3 columns could go either way i.e. either horizontal or vertical depending on whether you click the Striped Candy on the Wrapped Candy or the other way. If you do use the Striped Candy over the Wrapped Candy, that these columns cleared will follow the direction of the Stripes. Likewise, if you use Wrapped Candy over the Striped Candy. then the columns will be cleared in the opposite direction which in this case is vertical columns !


Usefulness : We earlier mentioned how useful the a Wrapped Candy can be in the right situation, this combination merely intensifies the effect of by three-fold. Sure does come in handy in those levels when you have obstacles to clear and when your running out of moves ! If you can afford the Charm of Stripes, you can almost always choose to use this combination after knowing the exact mechanics of how this really works.

This combination can be particularly useful in situations like Ingredient levels whereby you are short of moves and by using this Special Candy combination potentially all your Ingredients drop the the bottom for completion.