So are we ready for more Jelly Fish combinations ? As we mentioned although Jelly Fish is not cost effective, we are covering these combinations in the event if you do choose that you want to use them and wanted to know how these turn out. 

Now, moving on to Wrapped Candy and Jelly Fish combinations and what we should expect. To us, this is probably the more interesting combination as when combining these 2 together, you get a chain Wrapped Candy effect which is multiplied 3 times by having Wrapped Candy landing in different locations of the map. This is completely random as to where it will land or clear but often not in the same location. 




Often if you choose to use Jelly Fish boosters, you will get this combination available early in the game when the Game Board is a complete mess. For us, this would be the best time to use this combination unless of course you have other Special Candy combinations lining up. The thing about using Jelly Fish boosters is that it is random when these Jelly Fish will appear and how often, which fits the exact description of Jelly Fish in this game.



Usefulness : Just as how Wrapped Candy become more useful in higher levels, this combination  ( due to its ability to do more damage and clear a larger portion of area ) can help you reach those difficult to reach spots which include situations whereby you have some Jellies and other obstacles in a hard to reach area. The main difference here compared to Striped Candy with Jelly Fish is that, this combo is even more random, powerful and unpredictable



Practicality : Even if you would want to try this combination, not only do you have to wait for Jelly Fish to appear on your Game Board but you will also need to make a Wrapped Candy first.

Unlike Striped Candy combinations which are easier to make as Striped Candy is one of the most common Special Candies ( only requiring any 4 of a kind ) and that with the Charm of Life you can always convert any ordinary candy into a Striped Candy, the Wrapped Candy is more rare. Also, in some levels it may be difficult to make one due to the layout and space constraint on the Game Board ( as these are L shaped matches which require 5 of a kind ). Ironically, sometimes when you don’t plan/ hope or need one, they suddenly appear. Happens all the time. 



Usefulness : Ultimately, the Jelly Fish play is a gamble as you might not always know for sure what to expect and what end result you will receive. However, comparing this to other Jelly Fish Combinations, this is the most effective combo if your willing to gamble that is ( we will cover the rest of the combinations in a subsequent post ). If we do get a chance, try this out..